We have a variety of print media options. At McMahon Custom Healthcare Marketing, we have the crucial advantage of being able to distribute custom products together with our best-read clinical newsmagazines—a service other custom content providers can’t have.


We have years of experience in producing high-quality content across all formats. In addition to print, we have expertise in videos, podcasts, slideshows and digital animation. From the initial creative direction to setting up shoots and interacting with the interviewees, we take care of and are responsible for the entire process.


McMahon Custom Healthcare Marketing’s expertise extends to all types of digital media. To optimize reach, an integrated custom media campaign may use a combination of digital and print formats. We have the ability to create websites and microsites, as well as apps and custom electronic newsletters.

Graphic Design

Our graphics team is a full-service design department within McMahon Group. The body of work produced over several decades demonstrates expertise in all aspects of editorial design and medical publishing. The graphics team will collaborate with the editorial staff to ensure that design and editorial content complement each other.